Wild West, or “Wessu” as he was affectionately called, had a certain star quality about him from the moment he was born. It was impossible to miss him in the litter of eight, as he was always the one on top, leading the pack wherever they were going. Bodil quickly became attached to him and ended up trading a promise to get a horse for getting to keep Wessu. Little did she know the journey he would take her on.

  6 weeks of age

Wessu's show career started under judge Rainer Vuorinen at the age of 12 months. While we knew he was a special dog, we couldn't have imagined that he would go Best in Show at such a young age - it was quite unusual in the Finnish show rings. Less than a month later, he took another breed and group win, finishing 2nd in the Best in Show competition. That's when we realized we were in for an extraordinary journey.


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