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“Interview with Majia Arlander of the Famous
Choice Afghans”, The Afghan Ticket, Winter '89



What was your first dog, and your first Afghan?

The very first dog of my own was a red Miniature Pinscher called Tipsan. She wasn't a show dog, but a much loved pet and she died at the age of eight. After her I got another of the same breed, this time a black named Lady. I wanted her to be a show dog, but we were unsuccessful ... she just didn't want to be one! This all happened between 1940-59.

From 1960 to 1972 I didn't have any dogs at all. I had got married and had two children but my daughter was (and is!) very fond of dogs, so I had to think over whether it was now time to again have a dog.

My husband and I were invited to a party where we met Mrs. Hogstrorn who owned the Tazi-Pa-Chenga kennel of Afghans. You know what it's like when dog lovers meet up, you just talk dogs, and that is exactly what we did. At that time I had never seen an Afghan, so when Mrs. Hogstrom asked us to visit her home where she had a litter of puppies, I was naturally inquisitive. The day after the party we drove to her kennel where I saw the most beautiful white puppy I had ever seen, and . . . of course . . . she came home with us. She was Tazi-Pa-Chenga Grandezza (1972-1986). She was sired by U.K. Import Ch. Khanabad Blue Panther x U.S.A. Import Idyl Dell's Blue Hawaii.

Grandezza was very proud, independent, clever and very, very obstinate. The late Mr. Owen Grindey once gave her the following critique: "Type, size and general outline appeals, very good body, legs, feet and turn of stifle, good eye and expression, somewhat obstinate in the ring today, but moves very soundly." I never knew how she would behave in the ring, but she became a Swedish and Finnish Champion. At home she was quite wonderful, loved the outdoor life and adored playing with her puppies.

She was my foundation bitch in Afghans. I mated her to Ch. Dynasty's Thunder Lightenin, an American import, and kept at home one of her sons from that litter who became Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian (which constituted a Nordic Champion) Ch. Choice Gunpowder. Ile was a nice blue brindle with lovely temperament, but sadly he died at just five years of age after an operation. He had been injured in an accident.

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